FundedNext Express Model Non-Consistency Account

Applicable from September 26, 2022 to October 03, 2022 at 10:30 am
(UAE time) GMT +4

FundedNext Vision & Ambition

With the vision of offering a trader-friendly funding program for all kinds of traders with diverse trading strategies, FundedNext has created a robust trading solution for global prop traders. As a firm with a prolonged aim to serve potential traders, FundedNext is constantly working on the traders’ needs and demands and updating the program accordingly.

We want FundedNext traders to develop a healthy trading habit that will sharpen their skills. To help you with this, one of the precautionary rules that FundedNext introduced is the Express Model Consistency Account, to assist you in your trading habits and ensure you gain consistently every week. However, we have been getting requests from traders who already have a solid trading strategy for an express model with no consistency.  

FundedNext always listens to their traders and here is just a glimpse of it. 

Whether you are already a FundedNext trader or new, anyone who signs up with the FundedNext Express Model THIS WEEK will be eligible to trade with the Express Model Non-Consistency Account. FundedNext aims to serve, with the intention of assisting traders and achieving gains together. We are introducing an Express Model Non-Consistency Account to see if traders can earn profit as consistently as with the Express Model Consistency Account.

If this proves to be of the utmost satisfaction for the traders’ consistent profit, then FundedNext will seriously consider introducing the brand new Express Model Non-Consistency Account in the near future.


Express Model Non-Consistency Account

FundedNext is offering the Express Model Non-Consistency Account for a week {September 26, 2022, to October 03, 2022, at 10:30 am (UAE time) GMT +4}.


What Will The Express Model Non-Consistency Account Look Like After The Change?

You can take as many trades as you want regardless of the lot size restrictions on your Express Model Accounts. 

During these seven days, whoever signs up to any of the FundedNext Express Model Funding Plans will be eligible to trade without any consistency rules throughout their trading journey (applicable both in the assessment and the real account).


Who Will Not be Eligible for the Express Model Non-Consistency Account?

These are the kinds of traders who are not eligible for the FundedNext Express Model Non-Consistency Account.

1. The running FundedNext Express Model Consistency Account will not be eligible for the Non-Consistency Rule. You need to sign-up for a new Express Model Non-Consistency Account by the above stated date;

2. In the attempt to reset an existing FundedNext Express Model with a Consistency Account during this non-consistency week will not fall under the FundedNext Express Model Non-Consistency Account. You need to sign-up for a new Express Model during the above-stated date;

3. Once resetting the Express Model Non-Consistency Account, the account will fall under the regular FundedNext Express Model Consistency Account afterwards.


What is the FundedNext Express Model Consistency Rule?

**This rule is for all the FundedNext Express Model traders, excluding the traders of the Non-Consistency Account. If you are not eligible for the FundedNext Express Model Non-Consistency Account, then you must abide by the following rule.**

We have the Express Model Consistency Rule that will assist you in sharpening your trading habits and ensure you gain consistently every week.

If there is any violation of the rule, FundedNext agent will review your account and assess the payout opportunity for that particular cycle. In this case, your account will not be terminated and will be reset to your initial balance at the start of the next cycle. Please note that you would need to maintain the consistency of the running week.

A safe way to increase or decrease your risk consistency is to keep within +/-200% of your weekly average or by a deviation of 2.0. 

The three main KPIs we use here are 
1. The number of trading days, 
2. Trades, and 
3. Lot size. 

Each week, we will take the average of the mentioned KPIs and place a maximum (Total x 2) and minimum (total/2) to determine the consistency you need to maintain.
For example, for week one, the following is your Express Model trading history.

1. On the first day, you made 10 trades with a total lot size of 12.
2. On day two, there were 15 trades with 11 total lots.
3. Day 3 has 19 trades for a total of 15 lots, and
4. Day 4 has 26 trades with 18 total lots.

So, your total trades taken for the week is 70, and the total lot size for the week is 56.

Now for week 1,
The average number of trades would be (total number of trades taken/number of days traded) = 70/4, which is 17.5 trade counts.
The average lot size would be (total number of lots used/number of days traded) = 56/4, which is 14 lots.

Now, the consistency of week 2 would be the following:

For trades:
Max (Average number of trades taken in a week-1 x 2) = 17.5 x 2 = 35
Min (Average number of trades taken in a week-1)/2) = 17.5/2 = 8.75 ~ 9

For Lot: 
Max (Average number of lots taken in a week-1 x 2) = 14 x 2 = 28. 
Min (Average number of lots taken in a week-1/2) = 14/2 = 7

From the above example, your lot average needs to be between 7 and 28, and your average number of trades needs to be between 9 and 35.

Otherwise, it will be considered a violation.

Similarly, for week three, we will take the average of weeks one and two and then multiply it by two to set the maximum limit and divide it by two to set the minimum limit for both the lot size and trader count.

7 Responses

  1. This model seems as if perhaps the traders will need to play closer attention to their accounts. Ill enjoy this opportunity.

  2. As a trader, I appreciate the flexibility that the Non-Consistency Express Account offers. The lack of a “Consistency Rule” means that I can focus on executing trades based on my own trading strategy, without worrying about meeting specific requirements. This allows me to trade with more confidence and freedom.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! We’re glad to hear that you appreciate the flexibility offered by our Non-Consistency Express Account. We designed it with traders like you in mind, who want the freedom to trade according to their own strategies.

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