30-Second Rule is Now Terminated

With the vision to offer a trader-friendly funding programme for all kinds of traders with diverse trading strategies, FundedNext has created a robust trading solution for the global prop trader. As a firm with a prolonged aim to serve them, we are constantly working on the traders’ needs and demands and updating our program accordingly.

One of the precautionary rules that FundedNext introduced during the launch, the 30 Seconds Rule. The rule entails : “If a trader placed multiple trades with hugely varying lot sizes within 30 seconds, it would have been considered a violation in suspicion of trying to beat the system in malicious ways.

It has come to our attention that the rule has puzzled a portion of the traders in our community. To make it easier and less confusing for the average abiding traders, we have now implemented automated ways of detecting malicious trading practices such as arbitrage trading etc. Hence, we will no longer need to have a 30 second rule in place. 

From now on, our “30-second rule” is going to be terminated. We are constantly developing FundedNext to become the utmost technologically advanced proprietary trading firm, and here is just another glimpse of it. 

Hedge Trading Upgrade

We have another exciting update for you. Up until now, we have allowed traders to execute hedge trading on just one position at a time. However, from now on, you can do hedging on as many positions as you want simultaneously without any restrictions

We hope this update will allow more diverse traders to achieve the funding opportunity. With FundedNext, now you can trade in a flexible environment while enhancing your skills with any strategies you like.

As a firm with long-term goals, we want to work closely with our traders and supporters. We are committed to providing traders with the best experience in the funding industry and becoming the best funding solution in the prop firm industry. We look forward to your support on this journey.


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