FundedNext's Own MT4 Server Incenteco

Introducing FundedNext’s Own MT4 Server: Incenteco

FundedNext is thrilled to announce an important milestone in our continuous endeavor to enhance your trading experience.

Previously, we relied on EightCap’s servers for our MT4 trading platform. However, our pursuit of growth and improvement has led us to establish our own MT4 servers, giving you an edge in the trading world.

Today, we are excited to introduce our new main label MT4 server – ‘Incenteco’. Based in Limassol, Cyprus; ‘Incenteco’ is now operational and ready to offer you an elevated trading experience.

This development brings a plethora of benefits for our valued traders. The most notable among them is the availability of raw spreads across Forex pairs, commodities, and indices. This will ensure better trading conditions and improved execution efficiency.

In addition to improved spreads, we now have the capacity to handle any server-related issues, execution delays, or abnormal slippage issues promptly, without waiting on a third party. This translates to an expedited problem-solving capacity, allowing you to seize market opportunities faster than ever before.

You now have the option to choose either EightCap or ‘Incenteco’ as your preferred server during the challenge stage. However, once you successfully pass the challenge and progress to a Real Account, all accounts will be opened on the ‘Incenteco’ server. This change reflects our commitment to providing you with the finest proprietary trading conditions.

Our server landscape now includes two main servers – ‘Incenteco’ for MT4 and ‘GrowthNext’ for MT5, offering a robust and comprehensive trading environment for both platforms.

We believe this significant addition to our systems is a major step forward in delivering an unparalleled trading experience. As always, we thank you for being a part of the FundedNext community and look forward to hearing your feedback on our new server, ‘Incenteco’.

We invite you to sign into our MT4 server and begin discovering the multitude of benefits ‘Incenteco’ has in store for you. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering outstanding service and support remains as strong as ever.

Happy Trading!


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