FundedNext Reduces Express Model Plans Registration Fees

FundedNext is not only a funded trading platform but also a Global Community where we provide a robust prop firm experience, maximizing our traders’ satisfaction. We envision to offer trader-friendly funding programs for all kinds of traders with diverse trading strategies. Therefore, we introduced two kinds of Funding Plans, Express and Evaluation Models. 

In recent times, many of our traders have requested to reduce the one-time registration fees for the Express Model. 

Finally, We Heard What You Asked For!!

We Reduced the Registration Fees for All Express Model Plans and Set Them as Equal to the Evaluation Model Plans. 

Even though the two funding models are very different and best for traders with different skill sets, the registration fees for the same type of funding plan are now the same for both. The reset amounts of the Express Model Plans are also reduced and adjusted to the new value.

We Are Providing Distinct Offerings With the Same Value!!

Giving you an example:

Previously, you needed to sign up with the biggest funding plan, a $100,000 account of the Express Consistency Model with $699. However, the same account with the Evaluation Model costs $549. 

A FLAT $150 REDUCTION on $100,000 worth of Funding Plans on Express Consistency Model!

Why Did We Reduce the Pricing on the Express Model Funding Plans?

The FundedNext Express Model offers a consistent profit opportunity with a 15% withdrawable profit share from the demo phase. Moreover, there is no time limit to achieve the account growth goal with the Express Model. That is why, undoubtedly, this is our most popular funding model. 

We believe in premium customer satisfaction with the assistance of FundedNext. We are relentlessly working to improve new ways for the optimum satisfaction of our community. Keeping our promises to the traders, we have reviewed the pricing plans and feedback from our customers to provide our value at the most affordable price possible. We want to continue doing what we do best, helping traders achieve their full potential. That is why we hope to provide maximum value at a fair price to increase global traders’ satisfaction.


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  1. Je Vais recommencer à trader avec FundedNext le jour que vous allez supprimer Consistance modèle et autoriser le trading pendant les publications économiques. Faîtes un modèle avec un effet levier faible pour nous.

    1. Merci beaucoup pour votre appréciation. Heureux que vous nous choisissiez comme entreprise d’accessoires. Et bien sûr, nous apprécions vos suggestions. Tenez bien votre chaise, car de GRANDES NOUVELLES arrivent bientôt.

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