FundedNext Is Encouraging Low Leverage On CFDs Markets

We all know that leverage has immense benefits for trading. Particularly in the retail trading industry, without leverage, we can’t even imagine earning a healthy profit. Back in the 1900s, retail trading became possible just because of leverage.

But, leverage is a double-edged sword for traders. When trading in the volatile markets, mostly on CFD markets, like “Commodities” and “Indices”, high leverage will blow your accounts. In these times, low leverage will allow you to be exposed to the benefits of leverage, but not to its potentially overwhelming dangers.

By reducing leverage, we are not limiting our traders from using higher lots. Rather, we are giving them more room to be “profitable” for a long time.


Our Thought On Low Leverage For CFD Markets

Here, we are going to discuss why we, FundedNext, are encouraging and offering traders to use low leverage for Indices and Commodities.


Low Leverage Keeps Small Losses

The main reason to use low leverage is to limit traders’ losses. As leverage increases your trading capital for a huge positioning size, still, your losses will count from your original capital outlay. From our long statistics, we have reached this decision, that most of the losses were made by over-lot size.

Let us share a live example from one of our traders. He used our $100K Evaluation plan in phase 1, he traded US30 and GOLD. As we are giving 1:200 leverage in Commodities and Indices, he executed a whopping $20,000,000 worth of positions with the mentioned leverage. When the market moved just 0.05% against him and he hit the monthly loss limit. For the $100K account balance, our monthly loss limit is 10%, which is $10,000 (0.05% of $20,000,000). Effectively, your all 100 days of work are gone in one trade.

However, if the trader trades with an account of 1:50 leverage, he will survive this kind of moves. A 0.05% move against him will result in a loss of only $2,500 from his $100K account. He would still have $7,500 in his account to loss and apparently more chances to recover.


Small Losses Are Easy To Recover

As you are trading in financial markets, losses are inevitable. You can’t ignore it. The more successful you are as a trader, the smaller your losses are compared to your wins. Low leverage allows you to recover your losses as easily as possible. From the previous trader’s story, it is definite that high leverage blew his account in one trade within a very short time.

Let’s see this story from a different perspective. This time the trader starts the $100K account with 1:50 leverage on Indices and Commodities. He can still manage a position worth $5,00,000 with the mentioned leverage. This time he will only lose $2,500 instead of $10,000 from the same move of 0.05%. Now, to get back to his initial balance, he only needs 2.56% profit on top of his $97,500 balance.


Lower Transaction Cost from Lower Leverage

Now you are wondering that low leverage not only helps you to stay in the game for a longer time but also to recover your losses easily. Here’s how a low leverage can drastically lower your transaction fees. Typically, spreads are very negligible when trading CFD markets. However, with high leverage, the costs can add up and limit your profitability. Lower leverage helps you to keep the transaction costs low and prevent them from eating into your profitable trades.

Let’s get back to the story one more time to see how high leverage increases transaction costs. On average, we are offering 1.5 points of spreads on Indices and Commodities. With a very high lot size, that trader is giving approximately $1,000 on the spread. Even before the market starts to move, the trader loses 1% of his account.

On the other hand, a similar trader with low leverage will give approximately $125 on the spread. This is a very small percentage like 0.125% on his account balance. As mentioned above, lower leverage ensures that you don’t need to worry about transaction costs consuming part of your profits.

This has multiple advantages.
1. You can implement aggressive short-term trading strategies, such as scalping where you can open multiple trades and close within a trading session.

2. You can trade during a volatile trading period like when the London and New York session opened, where the spread becomes widely increased.

3. Additionally, you can open multiple positions in different markets simultaneously without worrying about the spread.


Stress-Free Trading Experience

Trading is stressful. We all know how trades hit our emotions and wake us up hundreds of nights. While trading on CFDs, the emotion hits us more aggressively. However, while emotions are controlled, we can trade more effectively based on what the market is telling us. This has only happened when your losses are small.

You are more likely to succumb to bad emotions such as fear, greed, and bias when you trade on an over-leveraged account and stare at your losses to recover that soon. Then you take a trade with a very high lot size. And boom! your account is gone.

While trading with low leverage, you won’t face this situation where you experience big losses.
1. You are going to have a stress-free trading experience when your losses are small.

2. You will consistently make objective trading decisions in the market.

3. You can gain a mental edge in the market, and

4. Prevent negative emotions from getting in the way of trade executions.



The story we have shared above is not anything foreign or something that happens once in a while. This is the story of most of the traders under FundedNext’s banner.

With high leverage and high lot sizes, many complete their challenge phases with a few trades. As you know, that’s just pure gambling and totally depends on luck. As a result, those traders blew their real accounts within a very short time with a few trades. This is not supported by FundedNext.

FundedNext aims to provide you with the best experience in trading, not the stress that comes with it. To stay with traders for a very long time in a mutually beneficial relationship, we are reducing our leverage on CFDs only. For Forex, it will remain the same.


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