FundedNext aims to offer financial empowerment to global prop traders while providing a trader-friendly environment under which they can maximize their benefits. This is a platform for all kinds of traders where they can demonstrate their skills. Hence, to offer a trader-friendly environment, we constantly receive feedback and suggestions from our users and act upon them. 

One of the most common requests from FundedNext traders and supporters over the last few months has been for the Non-Consistency Express Account. And now, as part of our brand promise of delivering the best prop trading experience to traders, we are delighted to announce that,

FundedNext Introduces Non-Consistency Express Account!!!

Let’s have a closer look at Consistency Express Account & Non-Consistency Express Account to get a better picture of the overall scenario.


Consistency Express Account:

Your goal in this model is to hit a 25% profit target with no time limit. Once you achieve the target, you will start trading on FundedNext’s funded account with a 60% profit share. The profit share percentage can be increased all the way up to 90% based on your performance.


Features & Rules:

1. Unlimited days to hit Profit Target 
2. 25% Profit Target the Demo Account
3. Monthly 15% Withdrawable profit share during the Demo Trading
4. 1st Profit Withdrawal in Real Account: 60%
2nd Profit Withdrawal in Real Account: 75%
3rd Profit Withdrawal in Real Account: 90%
5. $4M Scaleup Plan
6. 5% Daily Loss Limit
7. 10% Overall Loss Limit
8. News Rules : Traders are not allowed to open and close any trade 5 minutes before and after the news. This includes both Market Execution and opening/closing Pending Orders (including take-profit and stop-loss).
9. Minimum of 10 Trading Days/month
10. Real Funding Amount = 100% of Challenge Amount
11. Maintain ‘Consistency Rule’: 

a. Your ‘Average lot size per day’ for the current week has to be –
i. Minimum – more than half of last week’s ‘Average lot size per day’
ii. Maximum – less than double of last week’s ‘Average lot size per day’

b. Your average number of trades per day for the current week has to be – 
i. Minimum – more than half of last week’s ‘Average number of trades per day’
ii. Maximum –  less than double of last week’s ‘Average number of trades per day’

Read more about the Consistency Rule: Express Model Consistency Rule.


Non-Consistency Express Account:

There are 2 important changes traders need to keep in mind for the Non-Consistency Express Account.

1. There is no ‘Consistency Rule’. 
2. Real Funding Amount = 25% of Challenge Amount

To elaborate on the 2nd point, if you sign up and trade on a $100k demo account, if and when you reach the 25% profit target, you will receive a $25k real funded account. 



Here’s a brief summary of the 2 Express Account types :

Consistency AccountNon-Consistency Account
Maximum Challenge Amount$100K$100K
Real Funding Amount100% of the Challenge Amount25% of the Challenge Amount
Minimum Trading Days10 10
Consistency Rule (!)YesNo

Traders have waited for this update for months, we are glad to finally launch it for all our traders to enjoy. FundedNext respects your need for a flexible trading environment and a more personalized trading strategy on the path to maximum success. 


59 Responses

  1. Nice initiative finally here.
    However, what’s the rationale of dropping the Real funded account to 25% of the Demo phase account? It totally defeats the purpose of the non-consistency account and simply indicates that the company is out to profit off the entire process as Traders are compelled to pay for higher Demo accounts in order to have a reasonably-sized Real account at the end of the Demo phase!

    1. If you sign up and trade on a $100k demo account, if and when you reach the 25% profit target, you will receive a $25k real funded account. On you DEMO ACCOUNT, you will be given 100% capital amount to achieve your account growth goal faster than ever. However, to reduce the risk of bigger losses, we designed the Non-Consistency Express Account like that. You can choose either or account type which suits your trading style the best. If you do not prefer to trade with a consistency rule, then this is for you.

    2. Exactly true.. there is no logic in reducing real account percentage to 25% in the name of avoiding losses.. it totally defeats the purpose of having nonconsistent express account.. fundednext you can provide additional incentives to people who go for consistent express account rather than cutting real account money to 25%.

      1. Our primary objective is to have good risk management so that traders can trade in an ethical manner by taking the appropriate number of lots and trades. But yes, We would recommend our Consistency Express account if you have sufficient self-assurance, consistent, and deserve to receive the full fund.
        At FundedNext Our Main goal is to empower deserving Financially and in the most friendly environment. Our accounts offer 100% funding in the real account and 25% funding in the Non-consistency Express account, while other firms may only offer 10% of their initial account funding in the real account. This shows that we really care about our traders.

        1. he i also need help wiht it… i figure out this… make this Sense?

          on day one of the new week I can then trade a maximum of 9.9 lots, on day 2 i can trade again 9.9 lots. and if i trade on day 3 of the week only 1 lot and on day 4 also 1 lot… then it would be approx 22 lots through four days… so my avg. would be at 5.5 lot …so i could trade 22 lot on day 5 (4.5 lot times 5days) (so 22 lot /5 days == 4.5)…
          but if i would not have traded on day 4…. ( so 21 lots / 3 days = 7 lots week avg) I could trade on day 5 only 9 Lots? ( upper Limit 10lots – 7 lots = 3 lots (week avg rest) x 3days) = 9 lots…

          1. so this is calculatet with a new week and a upper limt of 10 lots…(9.9 because i dont know if the number have do be lower or can be equal to)

          2. oh no… if i trade on friday this would be 4 days week avg… so so 21 lots / 4 days = 4.5 lots week avg) sooo I could trade on day 5 5.5 Lots? ( upper Limit 10lots – 4.5 lots = 5.5 lots (week avg rest) x 4days) = 22lots… ah ok.. now it match… but still confusing

          3. Week 1, there will be no need to maintain any sort of rules other than maintaining our daily and overall drawdown limit.
            Week 2 will be decided upon how you perform in week 1.
            Week 1: you have traded 4 days and 9.9+9.9+1+1= 21.8 lots
            Average : 5.45 lots

            On the week 2, your lot size average has to in the range of 5.45/2=2.725 and 5.45*2=10.9
            So 2.725 to 10.9.

            There won’t be any difference or separate calculation between days within a week. We structured this rule for per week, 5 trading days. Within the 5 days of week one, you trade as much as you want, with as much lot size as you require. On the second, it will depend on week 1, on the third week, it will depend on week 1 and 2, and on the fourth week, it will depend on week 1, 2 and 3.

  2. One thing with prop firms is that, while it seems on the surface that they have the trader’s interest at heart, everything is wired to make money off traders and to make sure that they as a prop firm don’t lose.

    Reducing a $100k Demo Account to a $25k funded account isn’t a deal and most importantly, the much-needed amendment is in the “news trading rule”.

    1. We created this account model solely to accommodate traders who disagree with our consistency rule. As you know, the consistency rule is here to limit your probable losses and generate profit safely for a long time. However, if you do not like the limitations, you can use the non-consistency express model. Again, we want to reduce your losses while increasing your chances of profit. Keeping this in mind, we have reduced the capital amount on the REAL Account and now allow you to trade with 25%. If you calculate rationally, the chances of loss and opportunity to profit in both models are quite equal. However, the biggest difference is in the trading style. According to your trading style and preference, you can join either. We are not prioritizing any of the models.

      Moreover, during news trading, the market is very volatile, so we do not want our traders to have any mishaps during that period, which is why we do not allow news trading.

  3. in the non-consistency express model when you finish your evaluation 25% profit mark then your real funding amount will be only 25% of the total challenge amount. This is not fair.

    1. Dear trader, At FundedNext Our Main goal is to empower deserving Financially and in the most friendly environment. Our accounts offer 100% funding in the real account and 25% funding in the Non-consistency Express account, while other firms may only offer 10% of their initial account funding in the real account. This shows that we really care about our traders.

      1. Entonces en la exprés sin consistencia ustedes permiten que el cliente luego de obtener el 25% del valor de 100.0000, que sería 25.000 permiten que el cliente tenga este total de dinero en real de fondos como para un Drawdown de estos 25.000? Y no de 2.500? Porque según entiendo otras mesas ofrecen el 10% de dinero real, o sea dinero real es tu capacidad máxima de drawdown, entonces en el caso de los 25.000 está es el dinero real? La capacidad máxima de drawdown?.

        1. Sí, con una cuenta de $100,000, tendrá $25,000 en la cuenta real para operar. Y su Drawdown total será de $ 2,500 con base equilibrada, 10% de $ 25k.

  4. Can make biweekly payouts also on express Models consistency and non consistency, if you can make It with the evaluation model why not do also on express models. Thank you

    1. You can request a profit withdrawal from the client dashboard at the end of your trading cycle. However, as FundedNext appreciate traders’ skills and immense dedication in trading, we are offering 15% of the profit that you make on your assessment phase. With the Express Model, it is withdrawable even when you are in the assessment phase. Thank you.

  5. I’m currently with the Consistently account.Can you change it to a non consistency at the end of the trading cycle.Thanks.

    1. Sorry, as the Non-consistency Express Account is designed separated from the Consistency Express Account, we cannot do that. If you would like to sign up with our Non-consistency Express Account, you must select a plan and start fresh. In case of reset or end of the trading cycle, you cannot switch to different model plans.

  6. I agree, you already set bigger profit target at 25% instead of 10%. If we prove we can do it with a 100 K demo account, we can do it with a reel 100 K account.

    Then we start with a smaller profit share. I think those 2 rules are for the higher risk.

    With only 25 k reel account + smaller profit share to start that make this option not Interesting at all.

    Keep the 100 k and you get a better option !

    1. Mr Erik,
      Proving to reach the target without maintaining any consistency rule in the demo will define how much risk you can take, and of course as a company we are not going to risk this big amount on traders who takes big risks.
      For higher risk, you should consider taking the non-consistency account, and this would be best as the profit you are going to make with no restriction in trading strategies, you will definitely be earning more if you can maintain our daily and total drawdown limit. However, if you want to earn big under some flexible trading restriction, the Consistency Express Accounts are here.

  7. We have to bear in mind that a big percentage of traders are part-timers, and hence they use EAs to achieve their goals. They spend 6 to 8 hours at their permanent jobs per day in a working week. Trading rules during news events must be removed, and leverage reduced, as with FTMO and other upcoming platforms. I use four Propfirms already but after close reading the news rules. You can easily penalize customers for breaking that rule while at the same time making good money through fees on your part. When you are ready to compete with the big guys, please remove the news rules and allow EAs to run. That’s my point of view and the opinions of my friends in this field, with whom we share ideas.
    Anyway it’s just a comment.

  8. 2. Real Funding Amount = 25% of Challenge Amount

    Based on the above, if I purchased and passed the 100K express challenge, I will be getting 25K of real funding.

    What will happen to the max daily loss of 5K and overall loss of 10K? is the amount going to stay the same or it will be reduced to 25% of the original amounts? Thanks

    1. As with FundedNext, the Daily Loss Limit and the Overall Loss Limit are Balanced Based, so on your $100K account, the Daily Loss will be 5% of your $25K account ($1,250) and the Maximum Loss Limit will be 10% of $25K ($2,500).

  9. Ola boa noite, no modelo não consistente depois que tiver na conta financiada é obrigado a manter o limite de saque diario em 5% e o geral em 10%? ou na conta real financiada não tem regra de rebaixamento?

  10. Okay.. I can understand.. in non consistent account, company doesn’t want a trader to to lose. So it will give 25% from that total amount which I think it’s not fair though. Atleast 50% of the paid account was better.

  11. I just purchased 2 express model accounts and had start trading them, but did not realize that the company is only giving 25 percent of the real account to traders who pass the challenge which totally defeats the purpose of having something that’s says 100k or in my case 25k?? To me it’s not being honest at all and it is deceptive because people will think they are getting a 100k or 25k account only to receive 25 percent of that? What’s the point then of the challenge and why name it with the large number/capital when in reality it will be a much smaller account size? Can I either have my money refunded or exchanged for the evaluation model? Taking these express model challenges at this point makes no sense to me and would be a waste of time and money. I expected to be rewarded a real account with the number that you have advertised, not anything less than that. This is totally unfair and funding next should really re-evaluate your thoughts/approach to this model.

    1. There is no chance of fabrication or hiding this 25% balance in the real account. In the blog, in the video explanation, all our Customer support are aware and you can ask them any time about this. This has been your incapability to read the rules and details before signing up.
      If you have not opened a trade in these accounts, there will be chance to earn your refund but if you have even one, there won’t be any.

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  13. The article presents an interesting discussion on the topic, it provides useful content. The author’s argument is clear and supported. This is a great resource for anyone and it is well-written and informative.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Currently we are working on it. If there is any update then we will announce. Keep an eye on our social media.

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