FundedNext in January: Community Growth, Payouts, and Trading Milestones

As we embark on a new year 2023, we want to share with you some of the exciting developments and achievements of the first month of 2023. January was a month of excitement and achievements at FundedNext. This month, we took things to a whole new level with the launch of our revolutionary Trade Manager tool and the release of our energetic FundedNext theme song. Read on to discover more about the exciting achievements of January and see how our traders, community members, and followers have helped make this month one to remember.

Launch of FundedNext Theme Song

To kick off the new year, we launched FundedNext’s official theme song. This video showcases our company’s mission, values, and the passion that drives us forward. It is a testament to our commitment to empowering traders worldwide. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Introduction of the Trade Manager

One of the biggest highlights of the month was the launch of the FundedNext Trade Manager, a revolutionary trading tool that makes it easy to execute trades with precision and speed. The Trade Manager is available for download in the utilities tab of your FundedNext account and is completely free for everyone to use.

Interview with Top Traders

We paid out a total of 1938 traders in the month of January and took the opportunity to interview three of our most successful traders. Meet Mr. Hamza, who earned $15,777 in profit share, Mr. Fallou from London, and Hoskin Antoine, a Canadian trader. These traders shared their insights and experiences with FundedNext and provided valuable feedback on our platform.

Total Payout and Top Pairs

Total Payout and 15% Payout from Demo Phase

The total payout in January was $38,16,782. This included a 15% payout from the demo phase, which amounted to $629,344.

Total Number of Trades and Lots

During the month of January, FundedNext saw a total of 1,327,698 trades and 1,082,385 lots.

Top Currency Pairs

The top currency pairs traded on FundedNext in January were XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, US30, and USDJPY.

Winning and Losing Pairs

Out of the top currency pairs, the winning pairs were EURGBP with a win rate of 61.82%, NZDUSD with a win rate of 60.99%, and XAUUSD with a win rate of 59.40%. On the other hand, the losing pairs were US30 with a win rate of 48.34%, AUDUSD with a win rate of 44.37%, and EURCAD with a win rate of 44.28%.

Top Payouts

The top 3 Payouts in January were $29,1988.76, $18,150.64, and $16,990.52.

Growing Social Media Presence

We are proud to have a growing community of traders who support and engage with us on social media. In January, we had 46,531 Facebook group members, 19.5k Instagram followers, 21,313 members on our Discord server, 22.7k subscribers on our YouTube channel, and 4,426 followers on Twitter. Our Discord server was especially active, with 12960 tickets being served in the month of January.

46531 Members 8


January was a productive and exciting month for FundedNext. From the launch of our theme song to the introduction of the Trade Manager, we achieved a lot and continued to build a strong community of traders. We are looking forward to another great year and are committed to empowering traders worldwide. If you’re not already a part of the FundedNext family, join us today and experience the power of our platform.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

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