14-Day Extension On FundedNext Evaluation Model Phase-1

With a vision to financially empower global traders, FundedNext has created a trader-friendly funding programme with the maximum profit opportunity. Traders’ optimum benefit and comfort have always been our main priorities. Therefore, there will always be room to ensure our traders get the absolute best experience on our platform. 

To enhance traders’ trading experience and ensure their definite success, FundedNext is updating the Evaluation Model Challenge Phase-1 by extending 14 calendar days.

FundedNext Evaluation Model 14 Days Extension Explained

Are you at the finish line of growing 10% profit on your account but the trading day limit is about to finish? This must be extremely frustrating and depressing for you, as months of hard work are about to be washed away for this brief period of time.

Do not panic, because FundedNext is here with the Best Solution That You Need!!

From now on, just before your trading period is over but you are yet to grow the profit on your FundedNext Evaluation Model Challenge Phase-1, you can now ask for a 14-Day Extension to achieve your goal profit. Even if you cannot achieve your profit target within these 14-day extensions, the Free Retake option will be available to you if you are eligible.


Process and Conditions of the FundedNext Evaluation Model Phase-1 Extension of 14-day:


Eligibility for the 14-Day Extension:

1. You must grow your account by more than 5% (balance and equity) before applying for a 14-day extension.

2. You have already traded a minimum of five days within the trading cycle.

3. You cannot breach any rules applied to the Evaluation Model Challenge phase.



1. On the 4th week of your trading cycle, you realize that you cannot achieve the rest of your profit target.

Three days before the end of the fourth week of your trading cycle, a Button will appear on your dashboard. Press the Button and extend 14 more days to trade!

2. This Extension Opportunity is Available Only Once !!

3. You cannot request for the 14-Days Extension on the Last Day of your trading cycle.


You can still avail yourself of the Free Retake Opportunity, if you cannot reach the profit target within the extended 14 days; if the conditions are met. 

Do not worry about running out of time to grow your account with FundedNext anymore!! We believe that by extending the trading period, you can keep your head in the game and make smart decisions over time instead of rushing into emotional decisions. Trade according to your comfort and show us your best trading skills to make it all worth it!!

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  1. Very early rules , low prices .. best in the business Fundednext .. just few things will make it even better .. target of phase 1 should be 8% and criptoo should be added .. thanks

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